Luca Morgantini
Photographer—Video Maker—Photo Retoucher


Über Luca Morgantini

Luca Morgantini is an Italian documentary and story teller photographer mostly focused on social environmental and scientific issues.
He studied photography in Florence (Apab, Marangoni) and Boston at the New England School Of Photography (NESOP). Once he had finished his studies in General Biology at the Children’s Hospital he decided to put all his effort into portraying his own interpretation of reality through the lens of the camera.
Among several collaborations such as photographer Alessandro Bencini, Fzero Studio, e-Pitti, De Biasi, he has also worked with the Terra Project collective and is now developing his own photography projects around the World.
His irrepressible street photographer nature and spirit has led to several exhibitions of his projects being held in galleries and artist’s studios in Italy and abroad.
He teaches photography at the Michelangelo Institute in Florence besides assignments for events, commercials and fashion as a freelance photographer.
His own photography is based on an attention to composition and searching for the light in order to draw out the image with its own melancholy and dark bitter sweet feeling atmosphere that often reflects the personality of the artist.


Photographer—Video Maker—Photo Retoucher
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