Lucio Luongo
visionary visual designer


Über Lucio Luongo

An all-round graphic designer, who has experience of delivering creative, graphic concepts for a wide range of fields who takes great pride in the presentation and quality of my work. I am someone who can design and create simple, beautiful and easy to understand things. I’m an expert at taking designs into original, exciting and new directions. Apart from my advanced graphic design production skills, my key strengths lie in, ability to grasp needs and consider practical solutions. During my career I have used typography, imagery and creative concepts to give my customers a visual feast.
I’m detail-oriented, deadline driven and have immense creative I have a strong visual sense and am a true professional. I’m excited about new ideas and I knows how to run with them. My key strengths lie in my ability to create graphics that communicate core values and business objectives. As a committed team player, I work well within a wider content creation environment and I’m someone who’s always there to contribute creative ideas to a project. On a personal level I always have a professional attitude and approach to everything I do. In addition to this i’m a great team player. Right now I would like to work for a company that has a team of pleasant, experienced designers and a working environment which allows people to step-up into high-profile design roles.


visionary visual designer
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