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Ludmila Machado

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I am portuguese living in Germany. I am graduated in São Paulo, Brazil at Santa Marcelina University in Fashion Design (2015).
I worked as Junior Textil Print Designer over there for half an year. I am 22 years old. I love to draw, to work with aquarela and hand made patterns.
I am looking forward to find a job as a Print Designer where I can work with all my passion.
I am very dedicated, and because of that I was the best student in Textil Print Design of my university on the year of my graduation. I came to Germany because I am willing to learn German, and also to do an after degree in my area. I am going to live in Köln, so it would be great to find an job there. But it would be fine in other areas too.
I can speak and write fluent Portuguese, Advanced English, I can also understand Spanish and Italian but I can’t write on those languages. I am learning German.
I have a Portfolio, and a website:


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