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  • Gründung 2017
  • Mitarbeiter 10—19
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Über Lyska

Lyska is a young tech company planning and creating web based enterprise software solutions. Our product Lyska cloud is an API-driven platform to organize commerce data. Our software enables organisations to easily connect cutting edge tools that drives sales and their business.

Technology and digital tools offer new capabilities. But instead of making things better, technology often makes things more complicated. Our goal is to make things easier by the use of tech. Software should bring users joy. Therefore we always see the big picture and not just our last line of code. Building a software, for us is like designing a new product. It needs concept, planning and a strong vision.
Lyska was founded 2017 by developers and digital experts. From day 1 we have focused on designing a user and developer friendly product that is fun to work with – for everyone who is involved.


Tech Company
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D-63067 Offenbach am Main
Ansprechpartner Moritz Nyncke
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