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Herstellung und Handel mit Musikalien

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Über Mahler Movie Music CTP GmbH

Mahler Movie Music CTP is a media platform that provides independent music and sounds for movies, advertising and all visual forms.

We commercialize works of talented independent artists by licensing, but also develop and produce new music in close cooperation with the customer.

The Mahler Movie Music CTP Ltd. was founded in the year 2013 by Burkhard Mahler in Munich, Germany. After we signed cooperations with various partners in 2014, we are finally ready to go “on air” this year!

In our opinion television will soon no longer be up to date. People have enough of being merely passive and yearn to become active again, they want their senses newly sharpened in interaction.

We see ourselves as a mediator between opposites, we want to assemble what belongs together. We want to provide an experience for all the senses beyond entrenched boundaries. We want to open people’s minds to new ideas.

Music and sound in each variant generates emotion. It may depress, but it also is able to give new strength by developing our human sensefilters.

We want to offer musicians the chance to be heard apart from the big labels. We keep what is human in the music, the story behind the sound, the style of creative professionals.


Herstellung und Handel mit Musikalien
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