Marco Laux
multi-talented design, development and photography professional



Über Marco Laux

Meet Marco, a multi-talented professional solopreneur whose expertise in design, development and photography offers clients a unique and comprehensive approach to their creative needs. As a one-person team, Marco combines all of these skills under one roof while also working within a broader network of additional professionals.

With 15+ years of experience in the industry, Marco has developed a reputation for delivering exceptional quality work that exceeds clients expectations. Whether you need a stunning performing website, eye-catching UI and UX design concepts, or captivating artistic and documentary photography, Marco can help you bring your vision to life. As a solopreneur, Marco prides on providing personalized attention and building strong relationships with clients.

Get in touch with Marco to learn more about how he may help you elevate your brand and showcase your business through their experienced services.


multi-talented design, development and photography professional
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