Margret Decker
Junior academic writer, lector and translator


Über Margret Decker

I am a tri-lingual freelancer with a passion for writing, in a variety of its forms, from academic to creative.

Having completed my BA in Sociology, as well as having worked as a research assistant, I have gathered extensive experience in producing and editing academic and scientific texts for publication. My expertise lies in micro-sociology (e.g. individuals behaviour, socialization, group behaviour, role theory and theories of interaction and communication). However, with background in research and curiosity in life, I can easily navigate a whole range of topics.

Likewise, my academic career equipped me with skills in statistical analysis (SPSS), which I am happy to apply in freelance projects, too.

I am fluent in German, English and Russian, both written and spoken, and can undertake a translation and editing tasks between all three.

My freelance services are target towards translation, writing and research. However, I am open to consider other projects.

Feel free to contact me for any enquiries!


Junior academic writer, lector and translator
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