Mario Mendez
Art Direction / Make-up + FX / Photography / Graphics



Über Mario Mendez

My experience covers a broad spectrum of skills. I believe that this diversity is what might set me apart from others. My work comes out of a real love for creative media and is rooted in my childhood experiences of the vibrant culture of my hometown Tenerife. Concept, design, story, production & make-up – the hands on mechanics of creative work have been my obsessions since my youth. However it was London that offered me the earliest opportunities to develop my abilities and get valuable experience fast at the frontier of the industry. After graduating from London College of Fashion with a BA in Fashion Photography and freelancing there for a number of years, I moved to Barcelona to work as the Art Director of a local fetish-sportswear company which I helped to develop into an international brand with branches in London, Paris, Madrid and Berlin where I have settled permanently. Make-up has been a passion and constant practice and experiment throughout my entire life since I was 5 years old, but it was only here in Berlin when i finally had the chance to fully submerge.


Art Direction / Make-up + FX / Photography / Graphics
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