Martha Glenn
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Über Martha Glenn

I am a young artist and creative professional seeking freelance opportunities in the design, media (video) and conceptual fields. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Art from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, double majoring in Studio Art and Media Production. After I graduated I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my passion for art and establish a career in Media Production. There I worked on a film set doing set and production design. However, within a few months I was accepted into an artist residency in Berlin at the Institüt fur Alles Mögliche. After realizing my love for Berlin, I decided to obtain a freelance visa that would allow me to live and work in Berlin permanently.
I have experience working in agencies and studios, doing design and layout work. I am well versed in the cutting edge trends of today. Please refer to my website for a more extensive understanding of my experience.


Freelance Designer
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