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Über Matthew Coughlan

Hi I’m Matt, a graphic designer and visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. I’ve been making visual artwork, designing graphic content and curating aesthetic experiences for over a decade. I bring passion and clear communication to the table and love to collaborate on projects to develop successful design solutions that evoke, affect, communicate and add value to your brand or project.

My approach to discovering solutions to particular design briefs is multi-disciplinary and I enjoy working with materials as much as with the pixels that make up our digital spaces. A specialist in collage, digital illustration and image manipulation, I’m an adaptable and dynamic visual storyteller who can identify the needs of the situation and through clear and open communication can successfully guide and develop projects from discovery to completion.

I undertake brand design, full visual identity and logo development, promotional artwork such as poster design, book covers, album sleeves, packaging design and other promotional artwork. Whether for print or digital spaces, I focus on the specific needs of the client to arrive at successful visual solutions that communicate the essence of your brand, business or personal project.


Graphic Design & Illustration
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