Mauro Gagliega
Graphic Designer

Mauro Gagliega
  • Akademischer Grad Graphic Design & Vis

Über Mauro Gagliega

I have always been interested and fascinated in expanding my creative horizons as much as possible, whether it was dabbling with music or, as it so happened through my education in later years with movies, animation and design.

Why am I into this business?
It comes down to my infinite appetite for new experiences; I love the creative aspect of forging a visual concept from the ground up, and to participate and improve with meticulous relentlessness to what might very well become a staple piece in the canvas of people’s imaginations.

I have studied at Vancouver Film School from 2009 to 2011, one of the top 5 schools for 3D Animation, Visual Effects & Design in the world, in which I graduated with honors in the first year and specialized in Post-Production on the second year.
I was awarded the VFS Impact Award in 2010 for leading the first team to ever win the Impact Award during the Foundation of Digital Design course since the inception of the school itself, a very stressful but rewarding experience which pushed the whole group working on it to the maximum in the 2 months of development, both professionally and personally.

After my graduation, I worked on several freelance projects in which my full spectrum of my skills were required: from rotoscoping, rotopainting, 3d modeling, 3d tracking, lighting, animation, editing and last, but not least digital design. From there I decided to switch to Graphic Design and joined the e-commerce start up life, because, just as well as I want to see my projects bloom, the same can be said about experiencing professional growth with young but incredible talented companies and people from all across the world, everyone of whom feels exactly the same type of unity and trust in their work as I do with mine.


Graphic Designer
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