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MAXIM MATTHEW creations is a Berlin & Los Angeles-based Visual FX and New Media design firm specializing in imaginative and innovative original content over a variety of mediums, from feature film and music video to interactive media, DVD, and the web.

We approach each project with tremendous care and consideration. Our emphasis is on outstanding form and functionality, great design, forward thinking, and exceptional project management. Our team has handled projects across a diverse set of industries in a number of countries.

Our areas of expertise include:

+ Film and Music Video Production
+ Full-service Post-production, including titles, opticals, and colour-grading
+ Digital Compositing
+ Visual Special Effects Design/VFX
+ Web and Print Design
+ DVD Authoring
+ Photography

MAXIM MATTHEW creations is an independently owned new media design agency. We are designers, producers, directors, VFX supervisors, and developers who share a passion for crafting a great idea into an engaging, intelligent and innovative user experience.

Our team plan, brainstorm and experiment in order to create a product that is well designed, functional and truly unique. Like any art form, interactive design requires imagination, taste and inspiration.

We pride ourselves in being a multi-platform agency, creating websites, online ads, viral campaigns, interactive presentations, content management tools, film and video product – just about anything that utilizes modern technology.

Berlin & Los Angeles based producer, post-production supervisor, and visual effects/new media artist Maxim Matthew was born in Berlin and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, spending much of his childhood in West Germany and Sri Lanka.

He painted and drew as a child and first began to design his own websites to publish his work online. At thirteen, he got his start in media as a trainee in the graphics office of a Berlin magazine before moving on to design the website for political television talk show „Sabine Christiansen“ and becoming (at sixteen) the youngest employee at pixelpark AG, where he worked as an HTML programmer and technical manger of the web development unit. Mr. Matthew also served as creative director for Razorfish, whose clients included NBC.

By twenty he was a guest lecturer at the Zurich University of Design and art director at medienkontor online GmbH. Working under his mentor Jurgen Muller, he began photographing bands such as Marilyn Manson and Rage Against the Machine for the European magazine Metal Hammer and shooting music videos.

In 2006, he turned down an art director position at one of the biggest European design firms to pursue his first love: feature film. He worked closely with the producers of the 35mm German horror film Virus Undead and as VSF supervisor, photographer, and graphic artist on director Sebastian Panneck’s feature The Assessment.

In 2007, he founded MAXIM MATTHEW creations Ltd. to develop and produce feature films. The company also provides full production and post-production support to producers and directors, including compositing, coloring, VFX, and web development.

Recently, Mr. Matthew has served as director, producer, and post-production supervisor on a slate of major music videos and as a producer on the remake of the German cult classic, „Urban Scumbags vs. Countryside Zombies,“ overseeing animation, voice-overs, soundtrack, color-grading, and state-of-the-art-VFX. In 2009, he plans to expand his company with a new office in Los Angeles.


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16.08.2004 (aktualisiert )

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