Melissa Rodriguez
Illustrator, Fashion Designer, Writer, Artist


Über Melissa Rodriguez

To who it might concern,
I have the pleasure of addressing to you, in order to present my resume and portfolio, so you can consider me as future employee.
My name is Melissa Rodriguez, I am 25 years old, native from San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina. Due I am nationalized Spanish, now I’m living in BERLIN, Germany with the goal of settling here permanently. Currently I am an ILLUSTRATOR as passion, FASHION DESIGNER as main career and I have a bachelor degree in ARTS. I’ve been working several years as ASSISTANT DESIGNER in a design company specialize in graphic design. Constantly improving my knowledge in these areas and similar ones. I have excellent language skills in ENGLISH and SPANISH, spoken and written; now learning German.
In addition to my main experience and career I also have SALES AND CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE and WRITING skills with published pieces. I truly believe that working within a company with a prestige such as yours, would be of excellent help to fulfill my desire and constant need of personal and professional growth. For the moment I’m looking for a position that helps me to settle in Berlin, due that immediate goal my salary expectations are 450 euro per month.
Highlighting my interest in your company, I am at your complete disposal to provide you more information, or to arrange an interview, if you consider it appropriate.
Melissa Rodríguez


Illustrator, Fashion Designer, Writer, Artist
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