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I am Melvyn Ivy and I am mainly a portrait and fashion photographer.

Comfortable in an observing position I focus on documenting subjects in their relaxed and authentic environment, utilizing an analogue processes. 
Working on film I have the perfectly slow work flow that doubles as a visual filter – helping to bleed out everything redundant and lets me search for that special moment of revelation more attentively. 

Part of the organisational and curatorial team behind the „Prints For Moria“ fundraiser (under Neu Workshop, non-profit).

Origin close to the baltic coast where I participated in collective structures (under Lübecker Flüchtlingsforum e.V.) organizing events for, among others, Amnesty International, Sea-Watch and Seebrücke.

With a theory background from the University of Potsdam researching at the Moses Mendelssohn Stiftung and a technical one from the THL Lübeck, I came to Hamburg in 2018 to do my bachelor of arts at HAW Hamburg in the class of Linn Schröder (Ostkreuz), with an emphasis on artistic research and a growing aspiration to stay in the academic field in some form.

  • Published in „Intrepid Zine 2“, Intrepid Camera Co., 2020, cover + article
  • Web article for Intrepid Camera Co., 2019
  • Exhibition at Kraftwerk Bille, October 7th & 8th 2021, group
  • Exhibition „Modeverwertungsverfahren“ with Partner Stadtreinigung Hamburg, February 10th – Now, group
  • Worked with Daniel Feistenauer, Bastian Thiery, the Marmalade Films & MELT Studios, Jam Session TV, CrayCray Productions


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