Michael Massimo Schiano
Projektmanager, Producer (Renderings, Clips, VFX, CGI)


Über Michael Massimo Schiano

Project manager and entrepreneur with 20 years of professional experience, 11 of which in non-European countries (UAE). I am a interior designer, industrial designer, lighting designer, project manager (GPM, Level C), Certified Scrum Master (PSMI) and Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPOI). I have gained insights in the following industries: product design, concept design, architectural and real estate marketing, film and visualization, architectural film, automotive marketing and film. Versed in the areas of project, process and risk management and coaching. I further have German and English language skills and can quickly build relationships through reliable communication. Moreover I am experienced in numerous software tools.

Projektmanager, Product Owner (VR, Film, Video, CGI, VFX). Inhaber eines Zertifikats als Projektmanager nach IPMA, Level C (vergleichbar Project Management Professional – PMP, des Project Management Institute – PMI). Projektmanager und Producer mit elfjähriger Auslandserfahrung. Diplom Designer, Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I), Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO I). Erfahrung in den Bereichen VR & Real Time, 3D Visualisierung, Filmproduktion, Marketing und Design und als Dozent in der Erwachsenenbildung. Interkulturelle Kompetenz und Erfahrung in der Handhabung und Kommunikation mit englischsprachigen Kunden, insbesondere im asiatischen und arabischen Raum.


Projektmanager, Producer (Renderings, Clips, VFX, CGI)
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