Studio20 Mietstudio München
Foto und Filmstudio im Herzen Münchens/Studio space in Munich

Studio20 Mietstudio München

Über Studio20 Mietstudio München

Looking for the perfect space to create your next photo or video production?
‚Studio20‘ offers you everything you need to turn your vision into visual.
Offering a wide scope of equiptment and lighting as well as our professional concept and (post-)/production service.
Helping you with anything essential to realize your upcoming project. Networking with a great creative team covering and providing all needs.
And by the way, while drinking some coffee, feel free to check out our new RED EPIC W 8K camera.;)

Looking forward to getting in touch!
Your Studio20 team!


Foto und Filmstudio im Herzen Münchens/Studio space in Munich
Anschrift Studio20 Mietstudio München

D-80804 München
Ansprechpartner Michael Leis
Kontakt Persönliche Nachricht
01.02.2019 (aktualisiert )

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Mietstudio München Ateliers: Biete Platz München

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