Khayrul Hasan
Graphic Design—Print and Digital Media

Khayrul Hasan


Über Khayrul Hasan

I am a Graphic designer working since 2001 in the field of Press- and Digital Printing sector. I have professional experience in various graphic software such as Adobe Creative Suite and CorelDraw. I have good knowledge in web design and digital media. I am familiar with Microsoft Office program too.

I have completed my Masters in Business Administration with major in Management Information System from Southeast University, Dhaka. My Bachelor (hons) degree is in Computer Science and Engineering. I have professional experience in conducting seminars and workshops in IT sector.

My professional experience involves knowledge product research, brand promotion, business design and development; publication content development; copy edit; page layout; print and media design, and production management. I have been engaged with different international and national organisations and companies.


Graphic Design—Print and Digital Media
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