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Über Vanessa Ramos

I’m a video editor, motion graphics artist (After Effects), and multimedia production specialist. I moved to Berlin about 6 years ago from New York after working there for 10 years in broadcast, post-production houses, start-ups and the interactive advertising agency Digitas. Since arriving in Berlin I’ve been working on freelance projects for agencies mainly as a video content creator, producer, and editor. My latest project was a 30-video series for Deutsche Bank for which I created storyboards, gathered crews in 7 countries/11 cities, handled all media traffic, edited the videos, synched/licensed music, edited sound and finalized all videos for iOS delivery.

I have extended editing experience having taught Final Cut to corporate clients since FCP’s Beta version. But my passion is really in the magic of editing, storytelling, project management and (multi) media organization. Because of my experience as video editor, motion graphics artist, and post-production consultant in various industries: television, ad agency, dot-com, live events, I can comfortably navigate large scale projects and multi-format video integration. That ability and my interest in new interactive technologies led me to Digitas/Publicis Groupe global interactive ad agency network where for 4 years I was Sr. Motion Media Editor and a key player in building The Third Act post-production studio. I executed various video formats from product launch sizzle reels to webisodes, always focusing on the scalability and integration of various asset formats. I was part of various Digitas award winning teams spanning all agency categories, including OMMA Awards, Cannes Golden Lions, HOW Merit Award.

Prior to that I freelanced at various outlets not only in a creative editing and motion graphics role but also as post-production specialist, selected by Apple’s US Market Development Senior Manager for Professional Applications to provide training and establish Final Cut Pro as the editing system of choice. Those clients have included Digitas, MTVu, Time Inc., and NBC. I also edited 30-minute shows at Cablevision Metro TV on an Avid system, and worked on a few documentaries as co-editor, color grader, DVD authoring specialist, and English-Portuguese pair translator.

I worked with Oscar-nominated film A Great Day in Harlem executing an interactive DVD for the educational market. In 2007, my music video for the band Monta At Odds was selected as finalist at the Queens International Film Festival. I have served as jury in the international award competition for advertising, video and film New York Festivals from 2004 to 2008.

I have always been passionate about new technologies in film and video and aided by my strong creative background, I’ve always found the post-production environment to serve both aspects of my professional growth, while contributing to the development of the companies with whom I work.

My visa status allows me to work in Germany and the entire EU.


Video Cutter, Editor, Multimedia, Graphic Design, Motion Media, Deutsch, Englisch, Portugiesisch, Spanisch,
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