Frau Nadine Stöhr
UX/UI Design, Grafikdesign

Frau Nadine Stöhr

Über Frau Nadine Stöhr

Hi, I am Nadine, I am a UX/UI Designer with a knack for turning complicated problems into simple and elegant solutions.

I always was fascinated with the people around me, what drives them, what is their motivation. UX allows me to use various methods, to not just design a product that is looking good but also create something for people to enjoy.

With a background in visual design and project management, I have a critical and creative eye that inspires my refined aesthetic.

For me, UX/UI Design is all about simplifying. I love creating innovative and straight-forward products that optimize user needs and business goals in a meaningful and uncomplicated way.


UX/UI Design, Grafikdesign
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D-13353 Berlin
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