Nanda Dias
graphic / interaction designer and researcher

Nanda Dias


Über Nanda Dias

I believe good design reflects meticulous research practices as well as it requires interest for ordinary daily activities. Design solutions may reflect more closely our contemporary needs when we allow contemplating and listening to cityscapes, nature and people’s stories. Although the fast pace of work often drags us in the opposite direction, “God is in the Details” and I try not to turn indifferent to them.

In 2013 I concluded a case study research: “Soundtracking Paths” which investigates a very recent phenomenon of the music industry: the album app. I have shifted in the past years from the field of graphic design to the field of design of interactions, locative media, sound and entertainment studies. I believe that my visual communication background is an asset of great importance to this new career phase.

A pleasant environment and great team at work are essential to me. I appreciate constructive feedback, learning with daily experiences and innovative processes.


graphic / interaction designer and researcher
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