Nicole Schönherr
Grafik- und Mode Designer


Über Nicole Schönherr

Hi! My name is Nicole, I’m 27 years old, and I come from Chile. I graduated from Design School at the Catholic University, and recently worked as fashion designer at Kids Department in the Retail Company “Dijon”. There, and also as a freelance designer, I have gained experience designing not only clothes, but graphic & branding material, including patterns, brochures, visual identity for pioneering brands, logos, packaging, etc.. I consider myself to be a friendly and easy-going person, with great willingness and very responsible in terms of work. I like to travel and meet di erent cultures and people from around the world. As for languages, my native is Spanish, I am very fluent in English, and I’m improving my intermediate German, which is also one of the reasons I came to live here.


Grafik- und Mode Designer
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