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Über Nina Brucker

Nina is a professional photographer hailing from Germany. She was born in the year the Berlin Wall fell and Madonna was one of the most successful artists with her hit album „Like a Prayer“.

Following graduation from school she first pursued her interest in human behavior and studied educational science. After graduating she started to combine her curiosity in humans, her passion for aesthetics with her love for photography and took the step into new territory and passed her photography studies with flying colors.

Nina’s work is often inspired by various art forms such as movies, music, and paintings, as well as photographers like Ellen von Unwerth and Peter Lindbergh. She has a particular affinity for capturing powerful, self-assured individuals, especially women who exude confidence and comfort in their own skin. To her, every successful project requires a bold statement and a great team. Like Steve Jobs said: „Great things are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.“

Today, Nina is a skilled independent fashion and editorial photographer based in Stuttgart who uses her talents to capture stunning images that tell stories and inspire her audience. Her ability to create striking and unforgettable images has earned her acclaim, and she is just starting her career.

In her private life she enjoys the beauty of guitar music and rarely says no to a good vegan ramen.


Fotografie und Bildbearbeitung
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