Node Center for Curatorial Studies
Contemporary art and e-learning

  • Gründung 2010
  • Mitarbeiter 5—9

Über Node Center for Curatorial Studies

Node Center is an art organization focused on curatorial practice. We divide our center into two key parts:

Research – Innovators Grant

We believe that there is a great potential in art practice beyond artworks and exhibition-making. We investigate how thinking and strategies used in the arts can be applied for innovation in other fields.

WIth this in mind, we created the Innovators Grant, an 8 week funded program running once a year. We collaborate with ‘innovators’ from different fields (art, neuroscience, education, physics, etc) to develop collaboratively a practical outcome to the question: how can art be used as a beneficial tool in other fields?

This year’s research will focus on how these methods can be used to create a learning tool for non-formal education settings. For further information, click here.

Learn – Online Platform

We noticed that formal education is often missing the practical tools needed for curators – from how to make a contract, assemble an art publication, write critically about art etc. Through an ever-expanding series of online courses, we aim to provide this practical knowledge that may not be available in many curators’ local contexts or not addressed by the art establishment and academy.

We want to give the richest learning experience for participants. Therefore we provide real-time interactive sessions with our lecturers as well as exercises and personalized feedback, so that participants can truly benefit from what is taught in the courses.

The Online Platform today comes in two languages: Spanish and English.


Contemporary art and e-learning
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