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Online marketing, Sales Manager and Account Manager, country manager


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After working predominantly in hospitality, where I learned to deal with the dynamic and ever-changing world of tourism and developed a good sense of personal organization, I decided to take a new approach in life and started working for a big start-up company. At this stage, I learned to adapt to a different workflow, not only in terms of pressure and multi-tasking but as well to the working culture of technology driven companies.

At Airbnb, where I was working for 18 months, I was responsible for a wide range of tasks, primarily user acquisition (direct sales) and activation, but also took on a management role, leading the Spanish team in Berlin. During this time developed the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking markets from around 100 listings, to the thousands you can find on the website today. I was also part of a team that traveled to Andorra to build the market there.

In addition to these experiences, I have had the chance to gain a great amount of knowledge and experience in terms of online marketing within my masters degree at the University of Barcelona, where I studies Online Marketing and E-commerce.

As a matter of fact, you can read my CV and try to get a picture of what I have done, the languages I speak and much more. However, there are, of course, several fundamental aspects, which you will not find there. I am modestly proud to say that I like to work and I am able to work hard. I am a dedicated researcher and a reliable employee. Nevertheless, I believe that it is important to feel comfortable at your workplace and have a good relationship with your colleagues and supervisors in order to work well as a team and be productive.

Considering the facts of a great length of experience in the field of tourism, my employment at a explicitly famous and successful worldwide technology company and my remarkable professional achievements during this period, I am confident for any suitable job.


Online marketing, Sales Manager and Account Manager, country manager
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