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Artist-Driven Creative Agency and Production Studio

Of Like Mind GmbH

Über Of Like Mind GmbH

OF LIKE MIND is an artist-driven creative agency and production studio. The interface between subculture and brands. We curate a roster of like minded talent from diverse creative backgrounds to connect with the branded space. Taking pride in telling the story from the very beginning to the end – from idea to execution. We are deeply rooted in urban music subculture. We are DJs. Producers. Filmmakers. Creatives. Kinder der Nacht.


Artist-Driven Creative Agency and Production Studio
Anschrift Of Like Mind GmbH

D-22763 Hamburg
Ansprechpartner Jonas Naue
Kontakt Persönliche Nachricht
Web www.oflikemind.agency
15.03.2023 (aktualisiert )

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