Ilan Zarantonello
Photographer, Photo Editor


Über Ilan Zarantonello

I am a photographer who currently works mostly in Berlin for a studio specialized in contemporary art.

With an experience within an online fashion store I improved my skills on e-commerce work from programming and graphics to the evaluation of the products through quality pictures and marketing. I have learned how to apply visual aesthetics in commerce and make it profitable.

Strong aesthetics sense, developed through my studies in art and as a professional photographer. I refined my photographic techniques first assisting a known photographer and then independently for different clients including art foundations, galleries, museums, artists and fashion designers.
Excellent organizational and technical skills, ability to work well in both team-oriented and self-direct environment. Focused on exceeding goals and expectations.


Photographer, Photo Editor
Anschrift Ilan Zarantonello
D-13353 Berlin
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13.01.2015 (aktualisiert )

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