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Independent. Transmedia. Global
Let’s turn the media world on it’s head!
OVALmedia is an international and enagged team of filmmakers, journalists, authors and other talented professionals dedicated to understanding the world from an unbiased lens.
With over 20 years experience in documentary filmmaking, we have been passionate about covering human themes from health (trustWHO, 2017) and sexuality to music (FUCK FAME, 2019) and mastery (PIANOMANIA, 2009).
In the past two years, we have been entirely committed to understanding the corona crisis.
CORONA.FILM is an in-depth +360 min. investigative series of globally-shot documentary films that begin with COVID-19 as the initial spark to look deeply into the mechanisms of power that govern and design our world.
With the first part, CORONA.FILM | Prologue (March 2021), we revealed the patients context, the reality of the situation in Bergamo, unraveling why COVID-19 unfolded the way it did from medical, social and political perspectives.
In parallel, we have developed many formats and also become a book publishing house.
Unbiased and independent from any corporate or political allegiances, we strive to do the job public broadcasters are no longer doing.
Are you curious about the world?
We are working on many projects and require the immediate assistance of translation, communication and social media interns with an interest in new media and innovative projects.
Do you value free thought and free speech?
Media, who’s ultimate goal is an informed public and a true democratic society?
Then you’re the one we’re looking for!

Speculative applications are also welcome.


Independent. Transmedia. Global. Based in Berlin
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