Pavel Kremenets
Founder, Producer, Art Director


Über Pavel Kremenets

2005 I founded my advertising and production company PAVLIKA. We develop and produce advertising solutions and installations for indoor and outdoor. 2014 PAVLIKA realized the entire branding and advertising campaign for the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Further clients are Nissan, Ford, Range Rover, CocaCola, Visa, Media Markt, Ferrero Rocher, Kaspersky, Russian Railways, S7 Airlines, Samsung, Société Générale.

2015 I co-founded AWG society (Artistic Window Gallery), an international agency for branding and design. AWG is specialized on collaborating with artists in order to create unique and elaborate advertising solutions for luxury brands like Hermès and Mont Blanc. Furthermore we realize interior design and art installations for leading gourmet restaurants in Moscow.

I have long-term expertise as art and production director, team leader, project manager, film producer and photographer. I am very experienced in collaborating with renown and upcoming artists from Russia, Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. I have a large network of professionals from the creative and advertising industry in Russia.

My second passion is diving and underwater research. As a professional underwater cameraman I co-founded the scientific film and photo project “Aquatilis” because I want to raise people’s awareness about marine life. Our discoveries are published widely, i.e. on National Geographic, BBC, in Nature Magazine, Science Magazine and many more.


Founder, Producer, Art Director
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