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Über Pfrommer Studios

Pfrommer Studios is a full-service, international art studio & advisory, creating bespoke art and curating collections for hospitality, residential, public and corporate spaces. Through development and innovation of art products, we deliver art packages, ensuring every space has an engaging, relevant art experiences.

Our multidisciplinary art studio creates art concepts for private and commercial clients, collaborating with art galleries, art consultants, art museums, publishers, architects, institutions, fashion and interior designer to bring art projects to life. Offering original works, custom art works, limited editions, special editions, installation art, wall coverings, murals, art licensing and branded art for interior & corporate projects.


Art for Hospitality—Corporate Art—Art for Interior
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D-12209 Berlin
Ansprechpartner Sven Pfrommer
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15.11.2001 (aktualisiert )

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