Pierre Grigoriantz
Producer / Film-maker / Editor / Motion-designer

Pierre Grigoriantz
  • Akademischer Grad Fine Arts School
  • Tätig seit 1999

Über Pierre Grigoriantz

15 years of international audiovisual experience, Creative 2D and 3D design and animation,1000 infomercials produced in 3 years in Marrakesh in the field of tourism, cultural events, hotels and guest houses, sports and leisure.
Music videos, documentaries, tv-advertising, event coverage, tutorials, functional prototype of automated video editing based on a combination of XML scripting and After effects render engine.
A few successful collaboration references include : Dysney interactive, Microsoft, Nestle, Bosch, Sofitel, Marrakesh International Film Festival, France 3, Marrakesh TV, Meditel, Sodexo, Altadis, Yala.fm, BNP Paribas, MadeInMedina.com


Producer / Film-maker / Editor / Motion-designer
Anschrift Pierre Grigoriantz
D-51149 Köln
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