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Pimpajee Chanthakosol

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My name is Pimpajee Chanthakosol. I am born and raised in Thailand, living in Munich, Germany. After graduating from Thammasat University – a leading academic international academic university in Asia – with a bachelor degree of arts.

Last year I started building my career in UX/UI design. I studied day and night for a long time in order to understand both the design principles and the way to make my work easy to communicate especially to developers.
This earned me an internship in PetLEO and another in the Digital Product School in Munich where I am now working. My tasks summarise in;

  • Designing the company website and mobile applications.
  • Designing flyers, posters and stickers for marketing and advertisement.
  • UX research where I talk to potential customers, show them the application and gather feedback with several methods; questionnaires, eye tracking, etc.
  • I also help organize the office and make sure it looks nice and welcoming for people to work in.

Prior to this position, I worked as a Software Tester in L&T Technology services for about a year, where I fell in love with the tech industry, especially in the fields of design and usability.


suche für UI/UX
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