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Podcast hosting and analytics, as accessible and reliable as possible – and already since 2013!

In 2013 Ben Zimmer and Mateusz Sójka founded the podcast hosting company called Podigee GmbH on a side job basis. In this way, the two specialists of Software as a Service offered a user-friendly service for hobby and professional media workers who previously had to make use of foreign services or elaborate self-maintained solutions for their podcasts. With German-speaking support, bills with declared value-added tax and servers in the EU, the two founders hit a nerve even back then, so that Podigee, together with the Medium Podcast, has grown enormously over the years.

Although the company – now known as Podigee GmbH and based in Berlin – has retained the start-up spirit in its corporate culture to a large extent, the SaaS service provider has grown out of this drawer long ago: Today, Podigee is the leading service provider for podcast hosting in Germany and is a pioneer in working towards common statistical standards. Comprehensive advertising services complete the most extensive range of podcast services in this country.


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