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Protoplanet Studio is an independent animation studio and production company based in the heart of Berlin. Our mission is to make the world a little brighter by bringing unique characters to life. Whether you are interested in character-driven animation or look for a team earnestly taking care of your very own ideas and visions, feel free to get in touch with us.

Our animations have won many awards at film festivals around the world – and, what is even more important to us, been received very warmly by audiences of all kinds, be they adult or preschool. People tell us that they love our minimalist approach to design and animation; especially in times of media overstimulation. We have a passion for storytelling outside the box and prefer simplicity over overwhelming and restless animations. Not only for that, we also like to make use of just the right dose of improvisation from time to time and find out where the spark of the moment leads us to.

We praise ourselves to have a healthy (and often dry) sense of humor. And we’re convinced that this as well as the appeal of our animated characters just makes us hit our targets even better!

Our characters are keen on performing for your:

animated shorts & series
image films
explanation videos
music videos
animated greeting cards
animated Gifs
and much more

Since 2017 Protoplanet also conducts animation courses to teach and share the joy of animating characters for beginners and intermediate students.


Animation Studio
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