yes Randall Bernhard
UX Developer and Designer/Graphic Designer and Animator

yes Randall Bernhard

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A energetic professional feeding a passion for this industry by obtaining extensive work experience in all new media aspects. My career-past experience speaks of acquiring as much industry experience in rounding myself of in my current position of Senior Designer in Digital Media Sales covering a full portfolio of 24 sites (both mobile and web) at South Africa’s biggest online news agencies ( as a professionally cultured, multi skilled worker bee with skills that range from having worked as a Animator, New Media, Print, Mobile Web and Web and UX Designer. I have built and challenged myself to an extensive knowledge base every design aspect and influence, My technical skills range through the Adobe programs in the CS5 and 6 packages incl. Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and programming languages such as HTML/CSS (HTML5&CSS3), JQuery, Ajax and Flash ActionScript 2 and 3.


UX Developer and Designer/Graphic Designer and Animator
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D-10119 Berlin
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12.10.2010 (aktualisiert )

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