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Über Raw Resolution

We are Raw Resolution! a Berlin based collective of photographers, stylists and producers specializing in fashion e-commerce.

are you selling your products in the Internet? are you considering to do so in future? are you not happy with your online shop or maybe simply think it is high time for change? do you need mood images for your next campaign? do you want to hand your project to professionals or just need an advice?

we are there for you.


> You can receive a class-leading product and editorial imagery at highly competitive price: still, model and mannequin

> You can get your products shot at your own location or in one of our studio spaces

> You can consult on existing projects or those in the planning stage

> You can work on your e-commerce & marketing projects with highly experienced collective of digital imaging specialists

> …

> You can be sure your project does not get out of your hands = our hands.

Maja Matkowska
Raw Resolution


E-commerce Product & Editorial Photography Berlin
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