Diego Gómez Tibocha
Photographer & videographer

Diego Gómez Tibocha


Über Diego Gómez Tibocha

Diego Gómez Tibocha.
Fillmmaker, Underwater cameraman and Digital colorist
Born in Bogotá, Colombia. Berlin based since 2009

Become a director of photography was the main reason to move to Berlin working to achieve that mission as cameraman, camera assistant and grip in Berlin and North Germany.

Looking forward to join new exitting and challenging projects

Studying last year of the camera specialization at the Film Arche School and recently graduated as digital colorist at the Central School of Davinci Resolve.

Director of the Kannibal Fest.
Open air Short Film Festival

Director and producer of the cooking program
Kanibal Kitchen.
Season 3. 17 episodes so far


Photographer & videographer
Anschrift Diego Gómez Tibocha
Erkstraße, 18
D-12047 Neukölln
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Web kannibalfest.com
12.02.2013 (aktualisiert )

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