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Full Service Postproduction // VFX / Grading

RGBalpha GmbH

Über RGBalpha GmbH

Founded 2018 by three senior compositors we look back at a long history in VFX with more than 15 years of work experience.
Now located in an industrial loft in Wedding we are looking forward to new challenges in the wonderful world of moving pictures.
Your ideas and concepts are welcome no matter how complex.
We want to support your project from pre production till final delivery.
See you soon!


Full Service Postproduction // VFX / Grading
Anschrift RGBalpha GmbH

D-10117 Berlin
Ansprechpartner Alexander Marschner
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E-Mail mail@rgbalpha.de
Web www.rgbalpha.de
11.07.2019 (aktualisiert )

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