Rico Diogo Mahel
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Über Rico Diogo Mahel

I am a Film & Video Editor, based in Berlin & Lisbon, but working worldwide with more than 10 years of work experience. So far I’ve worked for clients like: Vogue, Porsche, Amazon, Universal, Sony Music, ADOBE France, ADOBE UK, AstraZeneca, Deutsche Bahn, L’Oréal, ZDFneo, BBDO – just to name a few.

I originally studied Photography which gives me a great sense for creative imagery. I then studied Directing & Editing at the German Film Academy in Berlin, Germany.

I usually work with the Adobe Suite (professional in Adobe Premiere and Photoshop – honestly, they’re my best friends), but I’m also experienced in DaVinci. As I am a photographer as well I can also offer basic color grading. Though I am interested in any kind of genre (I honestly love my job and playing Tetris in Adobe) my usual work fields include: Commercials, Social Media Campaigns, Corporate and Industry Films, Music Videos, Branded Content, Trailer, Fiction, TV.


Film | Video Editor
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