Robert Voigt
Creative Director & Photographer


Über Robert Voigt

As freelance Creative Director, with both a technical background and 14+ years marketing experience in Germany and the US, I‘ve been responsible for brand identities, product positioning, strategic and tactical marketing for high tech and web companies.

I‘ve worked independently and led teams up to a dozen creatives. I‘ve helped startups, midsize businesses and enterprises, marketing a broad set of products and services.

My mission: Connecting the dots of your digital marketing wonderland, transforming your visions into visuals, and accelerating your business.

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As passionate photographer, pictures are my memories.

For more than one decade I have captured volatile emotions and unique moments in authentic and bold pictures. With more than 250,000 images taken, I‘m still in love with the one single shot that perfectly freezes the moment.

I‘ve done numerous business portraits, documented dozens of events, captured several weddings, concerts, landscapes, and architecture. I even take precise photos of network equipment and other physical products.

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Creative Director & Photographer
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