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Industrielles Produkt Design


Über Unison Design

UNISON DESIGN // is located and founded by two individuals in the heart of Hamburg in Northern Germany.

We try, as the joint venture’s name is already telling, to bring all aspects of the industrial design process in line with our design expertise, the clients demands, technicians feasibilities and marketeers needs. We like words like consistent, coherent, conclusive, concert and together… the word“unison” is our guideline and at the same time the principle we work with to get the best creative design result in a highly collaborative team.

We do our best in product design / packaging design / design engineering / illustration and 3D visualization. We would love to get in touch with other creatives and potential clients to share ideas.


Industrielles Produkt Design
Anschrift Unison Design
Eichholz 9
D-20459 Hamburg
Ansprechpartner Robert Rödiger
Kontakt Persönliche Nachricht
Web unison-design.de
Ruf (0)40 84306452
Funk (0)173 6095067
16.03.2009 (aktualisiert )

Netzwerk von Unison Design

Maria Wagner Maria Wagner
Print Design, Packaging Design, Web Design, Illustration
Hamburg 15.06.2011

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