Sacha Nunn
Art directing, Design, Compositing, Art department props, Sculptor/Artist.


Über Sacha Nunn

Drawing on my artistic and technical experience I bring a fresh approach to every project.
Applying this to film and television. Working both in New Zealand and Europe in post production. With over 25 years experience.
From story boards, design and special effects art directing to compositing, 3d directing motion capture and photogrammetry.
Often using hand drawn animation, physical props and stopframe techniques. However, also strong design and compositing in the digital domain. Combining latest technologies and colaberating with others to achieve the best solution for my clients.
Working for film and TV post houses, also for TV networks. Employed as staff or in a freelance capacity.
Outside the field of film/TV ~ Experience as a Product Designer/Manufacturer, practising Artist (mixed media with an emphasis on sculptures, creating environmental awareness.) and Art direction for events, e. g. “The Chelsea Flower Show”, Theatre sets and props.


Art directing, Design, Compositing, Art department props, Sculptor/Artist.
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