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Über Sai Shyam Veera

I’m a web-turned-UX-designer in the field of IT & Marketing, where optimising designs & online campaigns played a major role. I have learnt a great deal to be resourceful, innovative, take independent & team-dependent decisions within the deadlines in my past two companies: myToys Gmbh (Otto group) and United Online Software Pvt. Ltd (UNTD Inc. –, With some exposure to UX design, an affinity for empathizing with people and a passion for analysing problems, I am ready to make a difference & contribute to the creative team that puts the user experience at the forefront of their company’s mission.

Here are the approaches or skills I use depending on the project:

  • Research: Marketing & competitor analysis, surveys, interviews, user goals & prioritisation, task models, content audit, SEO, information architecture.
  • Prototypes: Paper prototype, low fidelity & high fidelity wireframes, responsive design, user flows, interactive prototype. Using papers, pencils, software like pencil project, balsamiq, invision, sketch app.
  • Visual design: Moodboards, UI kit, Typography, colour models, principles of Gestalt, 80/20 Rule, visual hierarchy, icons, design elements & high fidelity prototype. Using software like Sim Daltonism for the colour blind, Sketch, Adobe Suite.
  • Testing: Interactive user flow testing, Preference, Click, 5-Second & A/B Tests.


UX Designer
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