Salon Renate
Graphic Design, Art Direction, Corporate Design, Advertising

Salon Renate

Über Salon Renate

Salon Renate, a old hairdresser salon, is a Berlin based collaborative studio and project space, founded in 2012 by Eva Gonçalves and Paul Brandi.

The Studio
At the core of our studio is a small but flexible team of art directors, graphic designers, writers, programmers and illustrators working both together and independently under the same roof. In addition, we often collaborate with professionals specializing in video, photography, and other fields on a project-by-project basis. This extensibility allows us to work freely, exploring and questioning the boundaries and limits of what we do.


Graphic Design, Art Direction, Corporate Design, Advertising
Anschrift Salon Renate

D-12043 Berlin
Ansprechpartner Paul Brandi
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18.07.2012 (aktualisiert )

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