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Scott Robinson


Über Scott Robinson

I have over 10 years of 3D experience including 9 years of Games Industry experience. From environment to character art, assets and of course weapons. I worked on the fantastic Timesplitters series for Free Radical (Crytek UK) and later moved over to Technical R&D for Haze (Ubisoft).

I then moved on to work for Core on Tomb Raider – 10th anniversary. Later Core became Rebellion and I worked on a few titles including Harry Potter and Shellshock2. I then travelled to Germany where I worked as a Senior artist at Acony Games on Bullet Run (Sony Online). I managed the character and weapons department which included R&D and pipeline management.

Once we finished Bullet Run I decided I wanted to branch out and explore working in a freelance capacity. The company was formed last year and so far I have already had clients such as Pixologic, Amnesty International and Magic Lamp.


Freelance 3D Artist
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