Rebellab – audiovisual narratives
Digital filmproduction of commercials and documentary as a B2B service

Rebellab – audiovisual narratives

Über Rebellab – audiovisual narratives

REBELLAB – audiovisual narratives is a a small crew of highly trained people, to lead their clients to goal-oriented and efficient communication by using a medium which has the unique power to combine a strong narrative with a decent look.

With the knowledge in design processes and from the perspective of a graphic artist combined with the skills in camera work, we have the power and the expertise in digital filmproduction.

We take ideas for moving images from concept to realisation for specific target groups. Rebellab produces for contemporary and classic media formats, fresh and edgy.

We work with companies like IXDS GmbH, daumenkino GmbH, Axel Springer AG, Intel, ESCADA SPORT, Vogue Italia, Mercedes Benz (MBVD), rbb Fernsehen, 4iMedia, Managementforum Starnberg, Radio Eins vom rbb, Heimathafen Neukölln, Semperoper Dresden, ArtBerlin, Galerie Kornfeld, Markus Jans Photography, Weberbank, Crashcaptains, Playmedia GmbH.


Digital filmproduction of commercials and documentary as a B2B service
Anschrift Rebellab – audiovisual narratives

D-10245 Berlin
Ansprechpartner Sebastian Spiewok
Kontakt Persönliche Nachricht
01.03.2012 (aktualisiert )

Netzwerk von Rebellab – audiovisual narratives

Raúl Arellano Raúl Arellano
VFX Artist/Compositor/Producer
Berlin 14.03.2014
Christine Ambrus Christine Ambrus
Audiovisuelle Medien
Berlin 14.03.2014

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