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European cross-border parcel delivery solutions for online shops

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Seven Senders is Europe’s first independent parcel delivery service for grown up online shops.

Europe is flat – 500 million customers are wating for your products and 85% are only 9 driving hours away from your warehouse. Whether you want to internationalize your business or ship abroad, Seven Senders guarantees the best possible service at low prices when sending cross-border. We will, for example, enable German online stores to supply their customers in Vienna 30% cheaper, twice as fast or within a 30min time window. As a one-stop service we optimize material flows, connect IT-interfaces of shops with those of the carriers abroad and manage the supply chain. For shops this business model is highly attractive from a cost and marketing point of view and we have already closed deals with several shops.

Do you already sell your products abroad? Or do you plan to internationalize your business? We optimize your cross-border shipments and thereby increase your EBIT per order:

  • Low cost – Shipping in Europe at 30% lower delivery & return costs with premium last-mile service
  • Fast – Up to 50% faster delivery times using carrier independent transport optimization
  • Flexible – Access to extensive product portfolio of local carriers and seamless integrated track & trace


European cross-border parcel delivery solutions for online shops
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