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Über Xo.Ed Media Productions GmbH

At Sex School our purpose is to challenge the stigma of talking about sex in realistic, inclusive ways. We want to demystify the crucial elements for heal- thier, more pleasurable sexualites, regardless of identities or preferences. To achieve these purposes, we make Explicit Sex Education films that enact real life sexual situations, guiding you through the ‘full picture’ of a specific topic, including:

  • Communication To express our desires and needs in clear & concise ways
  • Consent To set and respect clear boundaries for ourselves and our partners’
  • Sexual health To take care of our bodies and incorporate safer sex practices to our habits
  • Identity To unpack the different layers of everyone’s sexual identities, accept and respect diversity And most definitely…
  • Sexy ‘how to’ moves Doable, pleasurable, that offer realistic glimp- ses on pleasure and timing. No more impractical manuals!

We believe there’s a world of difference in showing all the above elements mixed together ‘in the heat of the moment’ when pressure, insecurities, or difficult emotions are more difficult to navigate. A sexually explicit, realistic depiction thus brings the message across in more understandable, relatable ways, put- ting the emphasis on how to sort out the tricky bits at the most vulnerable point of a sexual encounter.

At Sex School we create films with high production value that are aesthetically appealing, sexually explicit, realistic and educational.
A unique, and very ne- cessary approach on the Sex Education we all need!


Sex Educational Web Series—Project Sex School Hub
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