Simon Di Leo
UX/UI Specialist


Über Simon Di Leo

I am a senior end-to-end UX/UI specialist with a great passion for visual and graphic arts. My background is based both on informatics and new media. I like to say that „I’ve grown up together with the Web“, since I did my very first experiences at its dawning, in the early 2000s.
My professional experience has been focusing on digital products (Websites, Apps, online Campaigns, etc) and on practices that have been influencing and shaping the Web so far (Usability, Design Thinking, Lean UX, Mobile First).

During the years, I’ve been working, both as consultant and employee, for different companies and projects (La Repubblica, Daihatsu, RTL Berlin,
My latest experiences aimed my skills toward Lean UX strategies, a cross-functional attitude and a solid user oriented approach.
My strong passions are photography, percussions, screen printing and generative art.


UX/UI Specialist
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