Siyan Cheng
Visual Art, Graphic Design, Advertising,

Siyan Cheng

Über Siyan Cheng

Hello, my name is Allison, l study at HMKW Berlin for my Master degree of Kommunikationsdesign.
I have done different types of designing work since l was in University and l would love to work on more if there is any chance, for l do enjoy the process of creating.
My preview working area including visual art producing (media, video, commercials…) and Graphic Designing (illustrating, graphic designing, layout…)
I’ve also learned a lot from all my previous working experience and l am ready for new challenge.
Please take your time, and enjoy the process of going through my portfolio~


Visual Art, Graphic Design, Advertising,
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D-10717 Berlin
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Meine Spielzeugkiste (Circus Internet GmbH) Meine Spielzeugkiste (Circus Internet GmbH)
Deutschlands größter Spielwarenverleih
Berlin 20.07.2017
Kreuzberger Agentur für Grafikdesign
Berlin 02.12.2020

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