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Digitale Illustration im Bereich Fashion/Beauty/Womenempowerment

SOE Illustration


Über SOE Illustration

Hi, I’m Elena, a freelance Illustrator and graphic designer based in Frankfurt.
(Und ich spreche natürlich auch fließend Deutsch.;))

My method and philosophy
In 2017 I’ve decided to work fully independent, since I believe that the path you choose yourself can reveal your highest potential and will be rewarding not only for you, but also for those you work with.
I also aim to provide art services of the highest possible quality, where every detail is expertly executed.
In order to accomplish this goal, I believe there are two things crucial: first, to be a good listener and second, never stop learning new skills.
I care deeply about my work and I never walk away from a project before I am totally satisfied with the outcome. I want to be proud of everything we, that’s you and me, put out there together. Therefore I believe that most successful projects are created when trust can be found between the illustrator and the client.

My characteristics
I think aesthetic. My brain is observing the world round-the-clock. I just can’t help it. But it’s a good thing, it’s the only thing that matters for an illustrator.
Surprisingly I’m not that chaotic creative you might have in mind, if you think of an artist or illustrator. Quite the opposite, I do love system and methods and I know, It’s rather rare to my species.
I also need to mention that I’m a huge fan of Japan. This country with all it’s beauty and craziness is my charge station for inspiration.

Let’s have coffee!
Or a matcha latte or tea – whatever you prefer – and talk about your next project! I’d love to hear about your ideas and visions. :)


Digitale Illustration im Bereich Fashion/Beauty/Womenempowerment
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